Don’t Attempt to Adjust your Dial, this is Radio Free WNOHGB.

Way back near the end of February, I was just browsing the net and sort of doing that near-zombie like surfing mode. This mode has led to other results, such as the purchase of a LiveJournal, rearranging keyboard keys, playing insane practical jokes. On this particular occasion, I was sort of seduced by a little bit of advertising from Actually, I was listening to the Inktank.comEDY station, where various segments from Saturday Night Live and The Groundlings were intermixed with tracks from the comedy albums of people like Bill Cosby, Robert Schimmel, Louie Anderson, and Robin Williams. Anyone who has listened to knows that if you do so with all those banner ads, then you’re sort of also subject to their enticement for you to buy your own Internet radio station and broadcast audio tracks.

In my mind, the big question became about “Who the fuck would want to subject themselves to my brand of music?” I have a rather eclectic taste, after all. I love the sounds of Frank Sinatra and all the golden voices from that era, 40s era Big Bands, Jazz, Japanese Pop, Anime soundtracks, movie soundtracks, and some sparse 80s tunes. If you pour all of that into a pot and stir vigorously, you end up with Radio Free WNOHGB. Sprinkle lightly with comedy tracks as well, because I love to laugh (who doesn’t?). Again, I thought, “Hey, no one is going to listen to this, but it would be cool to have my collection of mp3s available no matter where I go.” So, based on that midnight logic, I bought a station for about nine bucks and it came with the typical 100 megs of storage space. Even though I have to reduce the bit rate and frequency, nineteen gigs of music is still going to be rather daunting for a hundred megs of space. Of course, I bought additional space, going from 100 to 500. I figured that 500 megs would be quite enough. I didn’t actually intend to convert my entire library and upload it, just what I considered to be the best of the best. Right now, I’m at 700 megs of used space out of 1.1 gigs.

RF-WNOHGB seems to have generated a lot of listeners, if I were to take the listener statistics that Live365 offers with the membership seriously. Within those two months, things are going pretty well so far. Every now and again I tend to surprise people with a live broadcast, interacting with the players on WNOHGB in a slightly-delayed format has made for some good interactive fun. I’m hoping that in the future we’ll be able to do more with the capabilities that keep being offered by Live365 on a semi-quarterly basis.

“You’re listening to Radio Free WNOHGB.”

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