“One More Step, and I think My Kneecap is Going to Pop Off!”

I live on the second floor of a two-story house. My room faces west, so it gets pretty hot in the setting sun, and especially with the summer coming up, that’s becoming even more of a problem. Thankfully, there are now reflective drapes covering the window, so when the sun decides to try and bake me to a golden crisp, it will actually fail, because the sunlight and energy will reflect back out the damn windows. So far, it’s been working fairly well.

I went back for yet another day of Dance Dance Revolution. I’ve decided to set a little goal for myself with the game; I need to pass Afronova with a perfect on basic by the end of the month. I think it’s a doable goal, and plus, the song is just really difficult to pull off. Right now, I manage a C on the average, though today I managed a B rating. Afronova is a song that my friend Todd can blaze through with an A rating. Consider the fact that I introduced him to this game in the first place, he’s already passed me up. This is kind of embarrassing. I’ll get back on the horse. Yesterday, I played four games before my knees started to scream, and I had to walk it off. Today, I made it through six games before my knees started to scream, and my legs started in as well. My thighs and calves, and especially my shins. As I kept walking, though, my knees felt like they were going to pop the cap right off with each step, so I had to sort of shake it out. That’s what did back in high school. Got a pain? Shake it out! I kept walking until the pain subsided, after all, stopping will make it hurt even more later, so I limped to the car and back a few times to just let my muscles return to their previous state of not painful.

On the way home, I passed by a Subway and picked up a plain roast beef, with a little mustard on a wheat bun. I drank two glasses of water and then took a vitamin C tablet. I’m trying to boost the hell out of my immune system, since my boss at work comes to work sick, and doesn’t give much of a shit about getting the rest of us sick, as well.

Maybe I’ll do another live show tonight. Maybe…

sono SPEED de
Lyrics and Music by the brilliant green

Featured as the opening theme from the Japanese Television Drama, “Over Time

doro darake no kutsu kettobashita
shimetta heya no naka
chiisana monogatari wo nakushita yoru mahou ni kakerareta
hitotsu no sonzai, hitori no tenshi watashi ni te wo futteita
kogoeta karada wo atatamete kureru
amai Chocolate
isoide Lamp wo fuki kesou
kagiri aru kono sekai ni mi wo yudanete
kagami no naka ni watashi ga iru

kanashimi no tsubasa wo korogaru hikari wa tsuki no hou e
kono mune wo utsushite hoshikuzu no you ni
chiribamete kowashite
sono Speed de

suru koto mo nakute yoru mo hiru mo
akubi shitari naitari shite
sore wa mou ikujinashi de
samugari no akuma ga mune ni sunderu
moshi kono mahou ga tokeru no nara
asa ni kaidan wo ichidan demo nobotte
te wo nobashi kaze wo kanji ametsubu wo kanji
kagami wo tataki waru noni
kokoro no niburanu uchi ni
sou kanashii koe wo kono koe wo nagetsuke
susumu hitasura ni iki wo shite
hikari no Speed de kimagure ni hoshi wo mezashite

*aojiroi namida wo tsukinami no kotoba de
kazatte ukabete
sono Speed de

yume no you ni
kimagure ni hoshi wo mezashite

Repeat *

sono Speed de

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    • firepuff on May 1, 2002 at 09:10

    Keep up your work in DDR! By the sound of it, you’ll be at your goal in no time! 🙂 hehe

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