I finally broke down and created myself a Flickr account, which is something I thought I would never ever do. But given the fact that I have a crazy amount of pictures on my hard drive and the fear of losing all of them through a hard drive failure or some other circumstance has me a little afraid. So, I started uploading the old stuff, like all the photos I took at JTAF1 and Anime Expo earlier that same year. I’m also trying to track down all the photos I took of Anime Expo in 2000, which was the best year ever.

Pagoda1To the right, you will find one of my favorite photos of the Pagoda in Japantown San Francisco’s Peace Plaza. This photo ended up being on the cover of the First Annual JapanTown Anime Faire’s program guide. If you’ve got a flickr account, you can add me:

Big Mike’s Anime Festival

Every year in July, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation raises money through the AIDS Walk. Last year, my wife, and one of my best friends, , participated and raised about $1500+ between them for AIDS research. I thought this was a great cause and I have long donated money to AIDS research, personally. I think everyone can agree that raising money for such a cause is a good thing.

A week ago, I was chatting with a friend and he asked me when I was going to start running my own anime convention. Interestingly enough, he was the millionth person to ask me because I seem to be getting that question A LOT. I figured, hey, if people want me to run one, it seems like people want to go to it if I do. I think somehow there’s a guaranteed audience right there, but I didn’t really want to do for profit, yanno? If we were going to raise some money, I wanted the proceeds to go somewhere that needed it and so I’ve chosen to combine the idea of running an anime-related event and a donation to the AIDS Walk.

So, here is my plan:

  • Hold an anime marathon in San Francisco, at the Red Vic Movie House
  • Find 20 people to donate $100 each ($2000 total) in seed money to cover the venue.
  • Sell the remaining 127 seats at $35 each for a 12 hour show.
  • $35 times 127 people is $4,445 which would go straight to the AIDS Walk for my wife’s team.
  • We’re calling it “Big Mike’s Anime Festival” on the advice of others.

The event would be held two weeks before Anime Expo on a Saturday, to help ease the cost. Plus, I think people can do $35 for charity given enough notice, and they get: 12 hours of anime with good friends, a special badge (which I’ll create), and a ‘program guide’. If we do this every year, I think we can start helping to make a difference.

Who’s with me on this?

Anime Expo 2007 (in review)

In spite of all the horror stories about Anime Expo, I had a ton of fun. I will most likely return in 2008, 2009, 2010, and so on. Remember, it’s not all about the convention, it’s about who you go with. And my running crew rules all.

New Year’s Resolution: Update from June 19th

Some of you did not get to see my New Year’s Resolutions on my birthday. I don’t do resolutions at the calendar new year because it’s not my new year.. it’s the calendar’s. Anyway, an update on my current resolutions for age Twenty-Nine are:

Resolutions for Age Twenty-Nine:

1) I will finish Knight Commander by summer’s end.

Not quite by summer’s end, but I finished the first draft in October.

2) I will move to Pacifica by the year’s end.

I’ve been living in the city since August, with my fiancee, .

3) I will go to Anime Expo 2005 and have fun.

Done and done.

4) I will switch jobs, either internally or externally. (sort of)

I’ve quit and am unemployed, so I’ve stopped working at the hell-hole altogether. 🙂

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!