Giants Fan 4 Life, Bitches!

So, since pitchers and catchers have already reported for spring training, it seems appropriate to talk about death, right?  Well, I think it is.  I was browsing the ol’ livejournal friends’ list and I stumbled upon a post in the Star Trek community that said for a chunk of change, you could be buried in a replica of the torpedo that Spock was at the end of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  Being the Trekker that I am, I wandered over to the page to check out the design, and I happened to notice that they have other properties they do caskets and urns for.

Including Major League Baseball.

This means I could be cremated and kept in a Giants urn, people.  FOR ETERNITY.  Fuck, yeah.  Sign me up.  I’m worth eight hundred bucks in death, right?  I can’t take it with me anyway…

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Indicted don’t mean Convicted

So, Barry Bonds was indicted today.  And if you thought that was a metric fuckton of links, I only gave you five of the five thousand out there.  This was the story of the day on every major sports outlet, and I think the ten o’clock news led off with it tonight.
My reaction can be summed up in two words: Whoopty shit.

First of all, to the Bonds haters out there, shut the fuck up.  He was indicted.  Indicted don’t mean convicted.  And though you may want to declare victory now, I would really like to ask who that victory is for.  No, really.  I mean, I know everyone loves to hate Barry, but I’ve been a fan of his since he donned orange and black in 1993.  Sure, he was moody.  Sure, he was morose.  Sure, he treated the media like crap (rightfully).  And the media loved to pay him back by treating him like crap, and it was always understood that they were never going to be seen holding hands or taking long showers together.  And Pedro Gomez of ESPN always came off like a fucking asshole in every one of his reports, and I swear to god, there was no one on this planet I loved changing the channels on than that guy.

Second, even if Barry gets convicted, I’ll always remain a fan of his.  Not for his alleged felonies, but every time that guy came up to bat, it was a thrill to watch him swing away and launch a ball into the air.  That’s the part of Barry I’ll always appreciate.  And indictments and convictions won’t take away that from me, from the Giants, from his fans, and certainly not from history.

So keep on hating, fuckwits.  And by all means, get up on your high horse and take this golden opportunity to be self-righteous and indignant.  Never miss an opportunity to play social better and stare down your nose at others.

Because I’m sure you’re perfect in every way.

I know I am.

Pre-Monday Blues

As I was saying in yesterday’s post, being sick really sucks.  I had like two days of being sick that I had to weather through all the aching and pain of coughing your lungs out as the phlegm tries to escape.  But, anyway… enough grossness.

Some good news came out of the long weekend.  I finished and won NaNoWriMo for the third year in a row.  But now I’m working on another story right now that has to do with the afterlife.  I’m not sure if I’ll finish it, because I have no idea where in the hell I’m going with the plot, but I have better idea of who the characters are and how they react to one another.  I can finally see them in my head, interacting with one another enough to start describing what’s happening.  It’s moving pretty quick; I wrote 2.5k in a day.  That’s pretty good considering I’m way the hell outside my genre, so it sort of feels like I’m back in to the storm-tossed sea of ideas without any ability to grab onto anything tightly enough to buoy myself.

In other news, Tap‘s at the Arizona Fall League and I’m eager to read her reports on how it’s going down there.  I really kind of wanted to go to the AFL games, but you can’t really get time off in the first month of working at a new job.  Plus, I don’t think I could afford to be down there for more than maybe a day or two at the most before having to come back up and go back to work.  Actually, in thinking on it more, I would really much rather do spring training than the AFL, because I’ve been promising myself a spring training weekend for years, now.

I hope Monday’s busy enough to keep me engaged on working issues.  I hate it when it gets so slow I blog like six times in one day…

The Autumn Dream

I have awoken from the Autumn Dream.

Some short comments:

– akai SKY was awesome, and should have played last in the Battle of the Bands.
– Stage Crew ruled all.
– It’s too bad we never got the Internet to work.
– I may be too old to pull 22 hour days.
– My feet staged a coup on Sunday night and now there is a new regime in place. The political situation is unstable.
– Transformers was never so much fun.
– Road trips are much longer and more dangerous when you’re dead-ass tired and sitting behind the wheel.
– Earth!
– Arcee only has 512k of RAM.
– Three days of shuffling cards and dealing Texas Hold ’em made my fingers hurt.
– High school drama is more fun when it doesn’t involve me.
– Baseball’s fun when you have people to share it with. Watching the Tribe (with help from the local insects) kill the Yankees in Cleveland was awesome.
– I really didn’t want to leave on Sunday.
– If only Ani-Magic could have been a four-day event instead of three…

Fantasy Football?

Because of the ESPN foobar earlier in the baseball season, they’ve given us a free prize-eligible fantasy football league this season. Any takers?

Comment here for an invite.

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