Feed or Post?

How do you read my blog?  Do you guys prefer to have me crosspost, or is the feed account enough?  I would hate to double-post on you guys, so it would be a big help to know if it’s getting annoying or not.  Please let me know.

Support the WGA!

The members of the Writers’ Guild of America are on strike until they get what’s owed to them and I support them in their attempt to bring this problem to light. While I will be sad that my favorite television programs are on hiatus (or using up what scripts were written prior to the strike), I will not be watching television in general until the contract is resolved.


Monday Grumbling

Monday, Monday… guh. I guess it doesn’t really matter what kind work starts on… it’ll always feel like a Monday to me. When I worked weekends and my first day was a Friday, Friday became like Monday to me. And what sucked about working weekend for me was the fact that I had to go to work while all of my buddies were getting off for the weekend (except those who worked retail). Anyway, let’s talk more about this Monday… (more…)