I picked up a portable 250gb drive last week and proceeded to offload a whole mess of stuff from the laptop and game machine over to it. Mostly media, like music and video, especially my iPod video versions of some DVDs I own (The West Wing, The Office) and iTunes-purchased stuff. I ended up clearing off roughly 90 gigs worth of stuff to reduce the strain of storage on my laptop from 77gigs to 37 gigs, and the game machine got eased roughly 17 gigs to make more room for other things.

One thing about personal storage that I always talk about is the goldfish bowl effect. As with most everything else, like wealth and the size of your bedroom, you eventually grow to accommodate the increase in size. With drive space, it’s pretty much true. The bigger the drive, the more crap you’ll hang onto. Like a goldfish who gets moved into a bigger bowl; the fish will grow in size to accommodate the newer and bigger bowl. I could have bought a 500gb drive and then I would be screwed because I’d eventually accumulate so much new music and video that I would use the drive less as a backup and more as a primary, I have no other drives I could use to backup that information upon. Even my 60gb iPod is now dwarfed in light of the new drive.

I’m a little antsy about my backup routine. I’ve been burned twice by drive failures and the last thing I really want right now is to find out that Portia is a bum drive. Yeah, I named the drive Portia after the character from The Merchant of Venice (and the moon of Uranus) because the drive’s exterior design was conceived by F. A. Porsche. I thought it was appropriate. Anyway, so now I’m trying to figure out if it would be wise to have a second drive and mostly if I could afford to pick up a 500gb drive to make sure I’m not three sheet to the wind with the single drive. At this point, I’m pretty sure my wife would answer the question for me right now and say no, only because it’s Christmas and we already spent the cash on the first drive. šŸ™‚

Meme Alert: Ganked from everywhere

10 years ago: 19 years old, I was already working for Acer America as a technical support engineer; I was just about to be promoted to the online services department.

Five years ago: 24 years old, I don’t know it yet, but my marriage is about to be over and I’m in Hawai’i with my soon-to-be ex and her family. I love it there so much I actually try to find a way to stay. Maui is amazing.

1 year ago: 28 years old, Just got done with the Best Weekend Evar 2004.

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Wheat Thins
2. Red Vines
3. Nestle Flipz
4. Kit Kats
5. baby carrots

5 artists that I know the lyrics of most of their songs:
1. Frank Sinatra
2. Tony Bennett
3. aiko
4. the brilliant green
5. puffy

5 things Iā€™d do with $100 million:
1. Give half to .
2. Give my mother, father, grandmother, , and $200K each.
3. Pay off debt.
4. Buy a modest home in San Francisco and New York.
5. Make happy.

5 locations Iā€™d like to run away to:
1. San Francisco.
2. Seattle.
3. Kyoto.
4. Sapporo.
5. Vancouver.

5 bad habits I have:
1. Biting my lips.
2. Starting projects and not finishing them.
3. Apparently… flirting.
4. Being a packrat.
5. Laughing inappropriately.

5 things I like doing:
1. Watching baseball.
2. Writing.
3. Playing video games.
4. Curling up with a good book.
5. Watching a movie or television.

5 things I would never wear:
1. Spandex
2. Makeup
3. Earrings
4. Anything that would require puncturing a hole on my body.
5. high heels.

5 TV shows I like:
1. The West Wing
2. Scrubs
3. Friends
4. Family Guy
5. Law & Order

5 movies I like:
1. Ocean’s Eleven
2. The Examination for Lieutenant
3. High Fidelity
4. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
5. Serenity

5 famous people Iā€™d like to meet:
1. Aaron Sorkin
2. Joss Whedon
3. Dorothy C. Fontana
4. Herman Wouk
5. W. E. B. Griffin

5 favorite toys:
1. Laptop
2. Xbox
3. Cell Phone
4. PS2
5. Gamecube

Writing Update

Minor movement on Knight Commander, mostly plot stuff.

Started a plot outline for Untitled #26, which is my salute to the West Wing, Hope Station-style šŸ™‚ I won’t actually write it until I finish Knight Commander’s chapter ten.

AX2K5: Days Three and Four!

Because of the very late night, there was yet another late wake-up the next day. We rolled out of the beds at around noon-ish, in time to head back to the dealer’s room and check out the whole thing (because the day before it was a cursory appearance). Jenn took off, Jody went to go meet Veronica, and that left Thomas and I to wander around, looking for various booths before we found the Sakuracon booth. I stopped and talked with John Krall for a bit, asking about Sakuracon 2006 and whether or not Japan-a-Radio could be a part of the fun. He referred me to the new publicity director, so I’ll be emailing her when I get back to San Jose. After we parted ways, we saw some decent costumes, but not a whole lot else. As neither of us had eaten, yet, we headed back to the hotel and ate in the restuarant.

Thomas and I got back to the room, we hung out and chilled. The late nights had gotten to both of us and we just sat in the room and watched Family Guy and he dozed while I wrote out the report for Day Two and submitted it to LiveJournal. Jenn made it back from the dealer’s room with a bunch of stuff, which we poured through and laughed pretty hard about, especially the Hamtaru stuff she bought for some of her friends. It brought back the Jenntaru name from a couple of days ago. Jenn and I sat and had one of those long-ass chats about everything, which laster until Jody came back from Masquerade, then we all decided that booze was in need. So, heading off to Foods 4 Less (which shows you the real Anaheim, not the glitzy city block around Disneyland), we picked up tequila, wine coolers, coke, and a whole chicken for Jenn.

Jenn ate a whole chicken by herself. The whole bag, which was supposed to serve like.. five people.

Color us stunned at the amount of food this pint-sized girl can pack away. I fear for anyone who takes her out for dinner. Or maybe she’ll meet a chicken rancher who’ll set her up for life.

Jody and Thomas were watching an episode of The West Wing when we returned with the food and the booze. I stopped off at Carl’s Jr on the way back and picked up some pickmeups for Jody and handed off the Coke to Thomas. After the episode was over, Thomas had fallen back asleep, and the rest of us stayed up to watch One Piece, Kaleido Star, and Yakizake!! Japan. Also, I tried to sleep, but Jody and Jenn kept me up all night with their noises and laughter at some of the episodes. So, I got maybe 1 hour of sleep and when the morning came, everyone was still awake and hungry (except the chicken-killer Jenn) and we ordered breakfast. The events of the night had us all pretty exhausted, and by the time it was noon, we were all napping in the bed. Housekeeping came through and did the bathroom, but they couldn’t do the beds, so we lay there until around 2, when Thomas came calling, asking us if we were still sleeping.

We were all groggy and Thomas hung out with us a little bit more. When Jimbo dropped by to do the show at around 4, we had to get Jesse on the phone. So I called him up using my laptop’s phone and had to feed him using an analog feed through a microphone, as though he were there. Since the phone piped through the laptop’s speakers, capturing his voice was used via analog means rather than digital… he kept cutting in and out, too, so I’m hoping the overall audio quality wasn’t too bad.

Jimbo, Jenn, and I grabbed food. She bought another whole chicken and then proceeded to eat it all by herself again. At this point, I begin to wonder how long before chickens are put on the endangered species list (Jimbo made this comment). I also got chicken, but I bought like a breast piece and some mashed potatoes from KFC. She went to Popeye’s and asked for a whole chicken. Holy crap. I also picked up some Carmel Apple Empanadas from Taco Hell and the lady at the drive-through window asked me if I wanted mild or hot sauce. I’m like, “for the empanadas?” and she blushed and said, “Oops.” I thought it was funny.

By the time we got back from getting the food, it was time for fireworks. Jody opted to stay behind, and the three of us took off outside to go watch the Disneyland fireworks. We caught the last fifteen minutes before it was finally over, and it was then that I realized that right after AX was a large Kenneth Copeland Ministries convention in the main arena. Lots of people standing outside and shouting God Bless America. I’m okay with that, I just was a little peturbed by the noition that only the Christian god blessed America… how about Buddha loves America, or Ra Wants to conquer Earth.. like in Stargate. Anyway, with the fireworks over, we headed back to the hotel room and settled in for the rest of the night. Jody and I both had a long drive back to San Jose, and since we were also taking Jenn and Jimbo back home, sleep was the order of the day. We all fell asleep watching anime or TV Bloopers on TBS (which seemed to have some sort of marathon going on).