The Realization that Caffeine is Your Friend

I woke up this afternoon. At oh-noon-thirty, with the realization that I slept through all of my classes. I hope my professors aren’t too displeased with my absence. As the son of a teacher, I have always felt guilty about missing classes unannounced. As though my absence were a message to them that their instruction is not valued. It is! But so is sleep! And apparently, my body decided to send me a message: Feed us caffeine now, or we’ll hold your grades hostage. Yikes.

If you go over to ‘s livejournal and read her last entry, I’ve also been indulging in some late-night conversation myself. Not to mention the live broadcasts are too much fun to stop sometimes. They are! Though, I wish people would upload songs when I’m not in the middle of a broadcast, because it tends to take away the bandwidth a little bit and causes dropouts. Though last night specifically has been centered around talking with people, and using netmeeting to screw around with ‘s desktop and send weird pages to other players on the game. I had no idea one could manipulate NetMeeting to such an extent, so I was having way too much fun with it. Thanks!

I’ve also been neglecting the ol’ livejournal a little much in the past week. I’ll need to keep on this a little more or else I’ll lose interest and just leave it be. There will be more later, once I shower, shave, and make myself generally presentable for some serious DDR later today.

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