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Boku no anime no omoide: Den’ei Shoujo

Den’ei Shoujo (Video Girl AI) was a six-episode romantic-dramedy OVA that premiered in 1992. Come along and take a look at jetblack’s memories of this series in the latest episode of “Boku no anime no omoide.”

Boku no anime no omoide: Toppu wo Nerae! Gunbuster!

Gunbuster title card

To start in on Gunbuster, I’d need to talk about Ken Lau, first.  Ken was someone I’d met while working at Acer America back in 1995; we both worked the grave shift in the technical support department, though he was in a smaller group that handled online requests, while I was in a larger group …

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2007: We Hardly Knew Ye

Things I’ll remember from 2007: – The New England Patriots choking hard in the AFC Championship and Tom Brady walking off the field, refusing to congratulate the Colts like a man. Of course, that’s ancient history now that they’re 16-0… but I’m still pulling for another choke in the playoffs. – Punch an’ Pie starting …

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Anaheim New Year’s, Day Two

First, I want to say goodbye to 2007. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I do those on my birthday, because that’s really when my New Year begins. This year, I didn’t make any, because I accomplished pretty much everything I wanted to do before I turned thirty-one. For 2008, though, I would love to …

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Anaheim New Year’s, Day One

We made it down here in less time than I thought. We took 101 all the way down, because I realized that we do take 5 and the reason behind that notion is that it’s usually for Anime Expo… and we always go down the same day as pre-registration. Well, you have to leave early …

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I finally broke down and created myself a Flickr account, which is something I thought I would never ever do. But given the fact that I have a crazy amount of pictures on my hard drive and the fear of losing all of them through a hard drive failure or some other circumstance has me …

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Big Mike’s Anime Festival

Every year in July, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation raises money through the AIDS Walk. Last year, my wife, and one of my best friends, , participated and raised about $1500+ between them for AIDS research. I thought this was a great cause and I have long donated money to AIDS research, personally. I think …

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Anime Expo 2007 (in review)

In spite of all the horror stories about Anime Expo, I had a ton of fun. I will most likely return in 2008, 2009, 2010, and so on. Remember, it’s not all about the convention, it’s about who you go with. And my running crew rules all.

Force Feeding

In preparation for Anime Expo, Julia has watched: Bishoujou Senshi Sailormoon R: The Movie Aa! Megamisama (OAV) She has yet to watch: Bannou Bunka Neko Musume Gunsmith Cats Mononoke Hime Otaku no Video I think we need to root her on!

New Year’s Resolution: Update from June 19th

Some of you did not get to see my New Year’s Resolutions on my birthday. I don’t do resolutions at the calendar new year because it’s not my new year.. it’s the calendar’s. Anyway, an update on my current resolutions for age Twenty-Nine are: Resolutions for Age Twenty-Nine: 1) I will finish Knight Commander by …

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