Baseball on Film

Baseball on Film

In honor of pitchers and catchers reporting yesterday, I feel like putting on a baseball film festival in my home this weekend.  I’m trying to figure out which films to screen on Saturday and Sunday, and I’ve come up with a partial list: (more…)

Baseball Bias: Site and Forums

I’m going to leave the site’s backend up:
I’m also going to leave the forums up:

But only for one week. If you’re like Tap, who might need their articles for posterity, then I suggest you head over and nab the html copies (click on view for the little window) and then save to disk if you should need them for your portfolio. I’ll also be happy to act as reference for anyone who needs one.

Baseball Bias: RIP

Yeah, it’s official. I can’t solve the database problems, and I don’t know why it constantly craps out every 2-4 days. I think maybe Joomla hammers the ever-loving shit out of it, and let’s face it, I was only paying $3 a month for their service and I guess I shouldn’t have expected too much. I considered moving the database from godaddy to, but the versions are incompatible (godaddy uses 4.0 and otaking is using 3.23)… and it would take a pro db admin to revert it back to an earlier version of mysql.

I want to thank those of you who were on board from the beginning… it was a lot of fun while it was up and I appreciate your efforts. I just wish that something this stupid wasn’t the cause of it. I wish I could afford the $100 a month to get the deluxe co-location server with them with the premium database software or something.

I guess for now, I’ll use it as my writing site or something, because we’re paid through for a whole year. :/

Baseball Bias: WTF

I’m missing some articles this week.

I have no Red Sox, Giants, or Yankees article. The Dodgers are showing you guys up big time.

I need non-flakes writing for me in a serious fashion, or else I’m going to start firing the flakes, because you guys are fucking it up for the other writers who’re actually trying to make this work. Without an AL East or NL West representation, we’re worth nothing. So either stick to the schedule or get the fuck out; I’m not suffering this bullshit for much longer. If you tell me you’re going to write and you don’t, then you make me look the fool for beleiving you in the first place.

Baseball Bias: First Articles DUE TODAY

Your articles are due today, folks. The only exceptions are the columnists, and those who already communicated with me for extra time.

NL East/AL West, you are in fact due today. No extensions, because you guys go out on Monday morning. I’m willing to grant extensions to AL Central until Sunday (talk to me first), and the rest of the divisions until Tuesday (talk to me first).