Wish List

I have already had a number of people ask me what I want for Christmas this year.  I tried to setup a Barnes & Noble wish list, but the options on it are pretty weak.  Besides, many of you are hopelessly tied to the big online machine that funds the Republican National Committee and its candidates, Amazon.com.  To make things easier on those who want to buy me a Christmas gift, I’ve updated the list and I’ve added a new widget to the blog, here, on the left hand side.

There are some items on there I’m not expecting, because it’s too expensive… but I figured, hey… what the hell?


So, according to my Feedburner statistics, it looks like I had 43 readers yesterday. I don’t think I even posted anything yesterday, either, so it’s like when I put up 6 posts in one day, you guys don’t read, but then I don’t blog for a day and suddenly I’m popular. I wonder what would happen if I stopped posting altogether 😉 Anyway, I spent Sunday at Todd’s again and I’m starting to get the hang of that drive up and down. I took Jody and Teri with me, so they could hang out with their brother on the holiday weekend. Todd’s by himself up there, so I was not wanting him to just enjoy his solitude while everyone else around him was busy with family things, yanno?

Quick question for anyone out there: am I the only one playing GameTap these days? I’m poised to cancel on 11/30, but if I have enough buddies on there, I might reconsider. Actually, I may stay because I looked at the list of new games for January 08, and they’re bringing back all the titles I used to play on DOS in the early 90s. Just for that, 10 bucks a month is worth it. Seriously, though, I have no friends on GameTap and I’m feeling lonely.

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Post-Thanksgiving Blues

A special note to those who have friended me on LiveJournal: This will be my final entry. Please switch to the feed, located as the ‘newest post’ on my livejournal. All my new posts will be carried on the feed.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I think the best part of the night is actually when you get to a point where you can’t eat anymore, even though you want to. What is it about eating that makes you feel good? Especially really good food; it’s like foreplay before awesome sex or something. So long as you follow it up with chocolate, right? I had awesome food prepared by my lovely wife yesterday, and all she did was braze a whole turkey breast in a red wine sauce that was later prepared as the gravy. Man, I wish every Thanksgiving turkey could taste that good, because were it not for my low-capacity stomach, I would have eaten the whole thing myself!

In other news, I’ve been backup on-call this week. Unfortunately, on a holiday, this usually means that the primary on-call person doesn’t always pick up the phone when it’s called. And I try to be a good backup by answering no matter where I am or what I’m doing, lest it roll down to the next guy in rotation and interrupt his dinner with his family. Oh yes, it’s not a sexist remark to only say him; there are no women on my team (which is sad). Not to say that my company is discriminating… we just haven’t found any women who a) were qualified enough to get an offer and b) more men than woman apply for the position. So the chances of a woman being hired are less likely just following the law of large numbers. Next week, I will be rotating onto primary on-call, which I’m looking forward to. It really helps to learn the ropes when they throw you into the deep end of the pool. And truth be told, I was beginning to get bored with just training all the time. It helps immensely when you get to apply that knowledge.

Hey, I have a question for you all… what’s your favorite dish at Thanksgiving dinner?

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Weekend Update and Begin the Holiday Week

Julia and I drove up to Sacramento this weekend to visit Todd.  Todd moved up there because he was promoted and his job moved out of the San Jose area.  For those of you who don’t live in California and don’t know, Sacramento is the state capital, but it is not the state’s most populous city.  It is, however, almost two and half hours away from San Jose, making visiting him a bit of a drive.  If only someone would invent the transporter from Star Trek, I’d be set.  Then again, I think that if someone did invent a transporter, it would be a really expensive toy to use and only the super-rich would be able to use it. (more…)