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Facelift and Update for 2012

Since we’re now into the year 2012, I’ve decided to upgrade the site to 3.3.1 and make a slight change to the layout and the header graphic.  Let me know what you think in the comments.

Back to the Field

After a few months off from playing, I’m happy to report that I’m finally going to return to Twin Creeks as part of a new corporate team!

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34th New Year’s Resolutions

One of the new years’ resolutions I’m going to try and stick to for one year from the Fourth of July is to blog at least once a day (either publicly or privately).  So this means that sometimes you’ll see a post from me and sometimes you won’t.  This particular resolution will be judged solely …

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My Wife Left Me…

There’s just no other way to say it, I guess.  She took off to Hawai’i with another man, and I’m sitting here in my apartment, all alone. I guess I should mention that the other man is her father and she’ll be back Saturday, but I’ll bet you I got you to click on the …

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Update and Upgrade

For those of you keeping score, we’re running 2.5, now. I just got back from SakuraCon in Seattle this weekend and experienced snow for the first time since my trip to Philly in 2005. It was a metric fuckton of fun, including conversations that bordered on the absurd as whole portions of dialogue from Aqua …

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New Layout

Although I did like the all black look with the three-column black letterhead theme, Mike Lucoco’s Wucoco 3-column theme is one of the best out there. And if you know a little bit of PHP, updating it to take advantage of WP 2.3+ takes only a few minutes to do.  Though getting the post avatars …

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OpenID now available!

I finally got OpenID working for comments and logging in. Basically, if you use an OpenID identity (LJ, WP.com, etc), you can use your livejournal url (http://yourname.livejournal.com) in the website part of the comments and it will use your LJ credentials to identify you to my blog. I’m hoping that eventually I can use this …

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