The Light at the End of the Tunnel

So, it looks like the WGA strike is coming to an end, barring any unforeseen insanity between now and 6pm Pacific. I know the WGA didn’t get everything they wanted, but at least they got something, which is better than the nothing they were being offered before. I’m proud to say that I tried my best to stand with the WGA on this one; I didn’t watch any reality programming or broadcast television for the duration. It was pretty much movies and news and sports since they went on strike almost four months ago.

How did you do?

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Voices of Uncertainty

This was distributed by an anonymous writer who’s afraid of being named because he/she might be blackballed within the industry. The reasoning behind the strike is valid, especially when the studios say that the Internet has an uncertain future. Yeah, like it’s just a fad, right? It’s a pretty good point, though. Watch and enjoy:

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Support the WGA!

The members of the Writers’ Guild of America are on strike until they get what’s owed to them and I support them in their attempt to bring this problem to light. While I will be sad that my favorite television programs are on hiatus (or using up what scripts were written prior to the strike), I will not be watching television in general until the contract is resolved.