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Death of a Swordfish and Other News

My three year-old laptop, Swordfish, finally croaked this weekend when the hard drive marked itself nearly 50% bad and then Windows told me to grab what I could and get the fuck out of Dodge, because it was about to burn down. Luckily, I noticed the hard drive getting slower and slower before the warning …

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AX2K5: Before Day One!

The day before we left for Anime Expo, Dave dropped out of the vacation because his boss never remembered his asking for the time off in the first place. He needs the job to pay bills, and so it was pretty much a done deal. The really cool part was when he offered to pay …

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Thanks in part to Dana over at WNOHGB, I have a fifth comic I will be reading. If you’re an EverQuest addict such as myself, you will get some serious enjoyment out of this drama-comedy. 🙂 http://www.wtfcomics.com Go there now. 🙂

New Year’s Eve

Unfortunately, I will be working New Year’s Day, so this means that there will be annual dorama party gather on New Year’s Eve, where I make the highly coveted faux Chicken Marinara dish that most everyone looks forward to and brings at least a bottle of Pepto to go with it. It’s unfortunate, because this …

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dot dot dot

Beyond spending a great amount of time fixing up my livejournal to look similiar to the season one box set of The West Wing, there’s been quite a few other events going on recently that I’ve been dealing with, and maybe now’s as good a time as any other to disclose some details: My great …

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The Whole Sordid Affair

Since has taken to airing out her anger and frustration on her livejournal, I find it only fair that she and the rest of you come to realize exactly what’s been going on, because it’s nowhere near as simplistic as she beleives it to be. When she was living in Beaverton, and we were dating …

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Zero Hour

Every two to three weeks, I will cycle through games depending on the circumstances. For a good four weeks there, I was playing EverQuest everyday for hours on end without fail, and after spending more time online and finishing my book, I’ve neglected to play EQ for a good long while. In its place, and …

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EverQuest and Final Fantasy XI

I’ve been playing an awful lot of EverQuest lately, when I probably should have been studying, but I think I hit another high tide in my EQ playing. Shit, I pay for it every month, I might as well get as much enjoyment out of it before I can no longer afford it. But also, …

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Back in a Groove (but not really)

After getting everything off of my chest, it seems as though some of the burden I’d been carrying allowed me to sort of carry on a little better than I had previously. I spent most of the day literally vegging out, playing EverQuest with Jody all day and all night, until finally I went all …

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I, My, Me, Strawberry Eggs

I was feeling pretty sick most of the last week, which was making existance kind of miserable. My stomach was queasy for most of Tuesday, Wednesday, and part of Friday. All I could do was sit and not try to exert myself, though I think what had happened was I worked out my abdominal muscles …

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