2007: We Hardly Knew Ye

Things I’ll remember from 2007:

– The New England Patriots choking hard in the AFC Championship and Tom Brady walking off the field, refusing to congratulate the Colts like a man. Of course, that’s ancient history now that they’re 16-0… but I’m still pulling for another choke in the playoffs.

– Punch an’ Pie starting in February. Though, I had no idea where that webcomic was going in the beginning, it’s actually starting to go somewhere, now.

– Getting fired from Shopping.com and then getting hired by Yahoo in the span of two weeks.

– Starting a crap fantasy league, and then having most everyone ignore it. That sucked.

– Turning 31.

– Taking Julia to her first AX ever in July, but the lead up of force feeding her anime was awesome, too. It’s too bad she’s not going in 2008. For that matter, my going is still up in the air.

– Restarting Dorama Night. Now, if only people would actually show up…

– The Year of the Facebook: Getting hooked on it and amassing a friends list to match my LJ one. Hey, wait a minute…

– Todd packing up and leaving for Sacramento.

– Another losing season for the guys in orange and black. But hey… my Tribe seemed to be showing signs of life.

– Starting the Repository.

– Quitting Yahoo and joining the team at Teneros, all in the span of 28 hours.

– Taking a piano class at San Jose City.

– Starting up a new tabletop RPG group with friends.

– The Awful Toshiba Debacle.

– Extricating myself from Livejournal, once and for all, and moving myself to a better, free, and ad-free WordPress blog.

– Having an awesome time at Ani-Magic, and hoping they’ll bring it back for 2008. Because if they do, I’m so there.

– Autobots Assemble!

– Winning NaNoWriMo for the third year in a row.

– Experiencing the on-call rotation for the first time.

– Building the USS Excelsior.

– Doing Holidailies again, and actually sticking with it for 33 posts!

– Spending New Year’s Eve in Anaheim with my wife, and having a lot of fun.

So there’s 2007, by the bullet points. I’ll start talking about 2008 soon.

New Webcomic

For those of you not in the know, Aeire is teaming up with Chris Daly and premiering their collaboration and sequel to Queen of Wands in the form of Punch an’ Pie. I guess I’ll have to break my own rule of only browsing four webcomics at any given time in order to fit it in, because none of my other webcomics have ceased updating. The reason being that I really enjoyed reading QoW when it was coming out regularly, so much so that I managed to direct a successful invite to Aeire for JTAF back in 2004 (along with Randy, my now-master and commander).

Anyway, please read PaP (ooo.. that’s a not-so-great abbreviation, maybe PnP would be better) starting today. Take a read. 🙂

Birthday Presents to Myself

I’ve been sitting here re-reading through Something Positive and Queen of Wands… and I stumbled across this:


How in the blue fuck did I miss this the first 5 times around? Oh my god, I almost lost control over my bodily functions laughing so fucking hard at this. I must have either skipped this one or forgotten it, but damn if I didn’t start crying from laughing so hard.

Btw, if you haven’t already read S*P or QoW, click on either name and you shall be mystically transported to the land of awesome webcomics. Now, back into the fray for me. I have more archives to pour through.

Jya ne, Queen of Wands…

Queen of Wands

I stumbled upon Queen of Wands while clicking on links from Randy’s Something Positive site. It was one of those late nights at work when you’re looking for something to read after all your usual webcomics finished updating, and based on some of the comments I had seen within the ultra-glamorous livejournal community, I started reading the archives that night. Needless to say, after a month’s worth of reading, I was hooked pretty badly. When I got to the end of the archive and had to wait for new ones to show up, I was pretty annoyed. I wanted instant gratification, damn it!

Queen of Wands’ appeal went beyond its glib commentary and sometimes over-the-top situations; the ability to write characters that endear themselves to the reader in a minimal amount of time is something to applaud on its own merit, let alone the actual characters themselves. Pretty soon, you start vesting yourself in the characters, caring about what happens to them, and empathizing with the sometimes-traumatic emotional scars they suffer through. Weaving characters with depth without departing the realm of believability (too much), while maintaining a light-heartedness is not easy. As I’m sitting here in Philadelphia and trying to finish a novel I started two years ago, I’m thinking that Aeire’s talent for soaking up her writing with real emotion is something I wish I could do in my own pursuits.

Reading the comic daily and weekly, I leaped headfirst into fandom, and I ended up joining the QoW LJ Community as well. I even suggested inviting Aeire to JTAF2, and imagine my surprise when she accepted. It was a cool weekend to make new friends, even though I was stuck in ConOps all the time. I really am a QoW reader… and today is the last day it will update. That’s right, Queen of Wands has ended.

So, this post in my LJ is just a big heartfelt thank you to Aeire; for the years of invoking the extreme emotions in me. I’m never going to forget Queen of Wands, and I’m missing Kestrel and the gang already.