An Early Birthday Present

When I got back from school this morning, I took my grandmother to the bank so she could deposit some checks she had been collecting for the week. Various stuff she’d been hanging on to. Following the trip to the bank, she decided to give me my birthday present early. Now, my birthday is June 19th, so this is over a month in advance, but the gift itself was most welcome. Since I’ve been doing DDR everyday for the past two weeks, she knows I’ve been spending a lot of time (and money) over at the arcades. I come back refreshed and actually feeling kind of energized. Though lately, I’ve been spending a lot of nights up late, thanks in part to a person who shall go nameless, but she knows who she is. Actually they both know who they are, since it’s not really just one person, but two.

My grandmother took me over to Fry’s Electronics and got me a dance pad and the Dance Dance Revolution Konamix. Konamix is like a cross-section of most of the DDR songs from 1st through 4th mixes, it looks like. Which is fine and all, but to be honest, some of my favorites are missing. This means I’ll need to go find my DDR USA mix, because I would love to play some of the older stuff and workout to that, too. I miss those cool songs, like La Senorita, and El Ritmo.

On another note: As I mentioned in an earlier post, the rest of my Alan Lewrie books arrived this week, allowing me to continue to wonderful series all the way until the main character reaches the rank of Commander. It turns out that I am actually missing two more books, Jester’s Fortune and The King’s Captain, the latter of which came out just this last December in hardcover, and has not yet been published to mass market paperback. I went and bought an extra copy of The French Admiral for one of my pal’s, who was missing his hardcover edition somewhere amongst his many storage boxes, and didn’t feel like unearthing it. Hey, any chance I can get to return the favor is okay by me. This friend was the one who introduced me to the series, so I owe him twenty times over. And I think that’s enough Lewrie gushing for one log entry. I have to limit myself, you see. I will add one more thing, though. I’m more than halfway finished with The King’s Privateer and all I can say is that if it gets better than The French Admiral, I might be knocking Hornblower out of my top three all-time favorite books. Oh no! Hornblower being kicked to the curb? You’d better believe it. That’s how good this series is. Screw Aubrey and Maturin, this is what they should be doing a movie series about.

My History midterm is tomorrow, so most of tonight should be spent studying up, so I don’t fail it too miserably. In all honesty, I love history, so this should be a cakewalk for me. But never say cakewalk right before a midterm. Once you exhibit too much confidence, that midterm will happily slap you down for good measure. And since this is 35% of my overall grade, I’m not going to be fucking around. I need to pass this class so I can progress to the next phase in American History, and then start taking World History so I can get to one of my favorite eras. Napoleonic Naval History. Iron men and wooden ships. It’s a very romantic era in human history, and I just adore it. Yet another one of those obsessive hobbies I seem to get myself into. But that’s life…

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