The Adventure of the Huge-Ass Diesel Uhaul!

Todd had to be out of his place on Sunday to 18th at midnight, and of course, true-to-form, he waited until the last minute to actually pack up his room. Needless to say, Sunday night and Monday morning was quite the lesson in frustration, panic, and a rather high state of anxiety. He had a lot of stuff; not just your basic living necessities, but an inordinate amount of just pure pat-rack-like stuff. Now, I realize, I’m like the last person on this planet to call someone else a pack-rat, I mean, I could form a sentimental attachment to a damn dust bunny, but Todd just upped it to a whole new level.

I had to play the asshole (a part I play very well, I’m told) and limit the guy to only certain things. His room is nine by eleven feet, and the amount of boxes he was looking to move would have effectively turned his room into a storage space, and that would leave him paying rent to sleep in the living room. No way was I going to let that happen. Also recently, I’ve developed a new appreciation for cleanliness. New place, clean. I’m trying so hard to keep it that way for a while. So, let’s move on to the adventure!

Monday afternoon, I went to the local Uhaul to rent a truck. I didn’t want one of the huge trucks, I just wanted the po-dunk Toyota truck that looks like it would scrape bottom on a easy grade or something. It’s like 19.95 for a day and the mileage is pro-rated for fifty miles automagically, so it would come out to around $50-$60 in the end. Though this was an in-town move, it was my intention to rent the truck, move Todd’s stuff, and then the next day, move mine. Well, guess what? They didn’t have any more of the po-dunk trucks, they had the huge-ass diesel monsters that could effectively relocate three families of five cross-country, and still have room to setup a few cots to sleep in. I mean this thing was huge. It was a twenty-foot bay, if I read the dimensions on the wall correctly. It was diesel-fueled, which meant that the engine could be heard about three miles away. Not to mention, I was trying really hard to get used to the size of this thing, and also noticing how top heavy it was on very small turns. But I do have to mention the fact that I did get the thing up to about 75 on the freeway before I started to redline it. We loaded up and moved Todd in in under four hours, on the good side of the news fence. Of course, I asked him to consolidate his boxes and determine what was a baseline necessary justification for every box he wanted to bring. Even his father was applauding me, so I figured I was going in the right direction. We signed the papers that night, got the keys, and now we have a place to live! Woo-hoo.

Today, though, was my day. My crap didn’t even fill the truck a fourth of the way. I moved only large pieces of furniture and bookcases and other things that I wouldn’t be able to toss in the back of my car and scurry it over. I had the Uhaul until 3pm, so it was just a quick trip over to the new apartment.

I’m still mid-move, so I will probably be losing net access until the end of the month, when the DSL line at the new place gets installed. I’ll try to document a little more when I’m all settled in.

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