The Day of Errands

This morning I got awoken by a nightmare involving Todd, Jody, and my soon-to-be ex-wife Stephanie. I don’t recall the gist of the dream, but I do know that I woke up very nearly screaming. In short, I was relieved it was a dream, but I’m wondering if it was premonitory, as Jody is staying with us this week.

I’ve been putting off a whole bunch of errands lately, including laundry and getting my haircut, so while I’m running around to go get the divorce papers that require my signature, I’m going to go shave my head down to a less unattractive look and then maybe I’ll clean out my car. The apartment needs a little bit of a cleanup, so since Jody is here this week, I’m going to press him into service and do a little vacuuming.

1. Name – Michael D. Garcia
2. Age – 26
3. Where do you live – Silicon Valley, California
4. Birthday – June 19th

~Look (direction) what do you see….?~

5. Left – Television, Playstation 2, Satellite Receiver, DVD player, VCR, Alarm Clock, Anime wallscrolls.
6. Right – Printer, KVM Switch, Webcam, Window fan, cell phone charger, stacks of CDs.
7. Up – The Ceiling.
8. Down – Keyboard, trackball, Star Trek Encyclopedia opened to page 644, half-empty tall glass of iced tea.
9. What’s on your floor? – Two feet with five toes a piece, garbage can, my multiple computers, my open cd library.


10. List three Anime characters you like – Only three?
11. If you could have any Anime power in the whole Anime universe, what would it be? – Tendou Akane’s MalletSpace(tm).
12. Favorite Anime? – This changes from moment to moment, but my favorite RIGHT NOW is Full Metal Panic.
13. Dubbie or Subbie? – Sub.
14. Have you ever been to an anime convention? – Yep.
15. What was it’s name? – Anime Expo (1996-2000, 2002), Fanime (1997-1998, 2001)
16. Do you cosplay? – No.
17. Who have you cosplayed as? – Not applicable.
18. Who would you like to cosplay as? – Kamidake from Tenchi Muyo.

~Final Fantasy~

19. Which Final Fantasies have you played? – FF6, FF7, FF9
20. Which one is your favorite? – Final Fantasy 6
21. Least favorite? – Final Fantasy 7, save me from the bulb-hands!
22. Favorite character? – Celes.
23. Least favorite character? – Kefka.
24. Favorite summon/GF/Aeon/whatever? – Ifrit
25. Which character from any Final Fantasy would you be, if givin the chance? – Locke the Treasure Hunter.
26. Have you ever played Kingdom Hearts? – I will this week.
27. What do you think of it? What do I think of it? – I’ll tell you later.
28. If Final Fantasy is so ‘final’ then why is there so many games of it? – Because it’s the last RPG series you’ll ever want to play. :p
30. Do you like Cid? – Who doesn’t?
31. What do you think of the Final Fantasy movie? – I thought it was pretty good for the attempt, and I’m saddened to hear that Square Films went poof.

~Ending questions~

32. Did you like this survey? – Could have been better.
33. Are you a geek? – I do not bite the heads off of chickens.
34. What is your favorite video game, other than Final Fantasy? – Gensou Suikoden
35. *restores your MP and HP* – Mmmkay.

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