In the middle of Game Six, and I’m beginning to wonder if I chose the wrong time to stop biting my nails…

Oh, boy. It’s taken the Giants forty-eight years for them to actually prove contention for the World Championship. In 1989, as I’ve mentioned, they were pretty much swept by the Oakland Athletics in four games, and ever since then, it’s always been such a disappointment to watch San Francisco in the postseason. Either they flub a play, or their pitching is sub-par. This year, though, it’s been like watching a dream come true. While the Angels are proving to remind me of exactly why they’re the American League champs, I’m hoping they’ll end this series right here and now. The Angels have waited forty-four years, but we’re been waiting longer, and I think this year it ought to the be the Giants.

On a less national perspective, it’s a hard thing to swallow when you realize who your friends truly are. I’ve met and gotten to know quite a few people in my time, and I think that after a certain point, you get to understand their true colors after a while. I think I got a little taste of that today, when it came to me that someone whom I thought was a friend, really was just nothing more than an acquaintance who chats when it’s convenient, uses me when it suits them, and then proceeds to stab me in the back to boost their image. This kind of behavior doesn’t go unnoticed, even in the online world, and eventually (as I’ve said before) it does cross my desk once in a while. Under normal circumstances, I would confront this person, but to be perfectly honest, I decided that I could care less about this person, and it just is not worth my time anymore.

With that said, I’m watching the rest of this game, rooting for the home team, and hoping they bring home some World Series rings.

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