Losing the Home Opener

Free tickets to the Santa Clara University women’s volleyball home opener allowed me to go see the SCU Broncos versus the University of Hawai’i Rainbows. It was a best-of-five exchange, and the Rainbows pretty much owned the Broncos in three matches, 30-25, 30-27, and 30-21. I’ve always been a fan of volleyball, ever since I was a high school student. My pal Jason George and I used to follow the Leigh volleyball team to all their away games, particularly when they would play Mitty High. Mitty girls were hot! Of course, I have to use the past tense; my cousins go to Mitty, now, and they’re all girls. I feel particularly defensive of them, now, and just shake my head.

My cousin Lexie is a sophomore at SCU, and she plays for the volleyball team. She’s a very good player, but her team just couldn’t keep a decent defense against the Hawai’i girls. By the way, the Hawai’i girls are freaking tall! Three of them are above six foot, one was six foot five. These girls were this defensive wall at the net, slapping and dunking balls back onto the Bronco side of the net and scoring kills left and right. And #3 for Hawai’i was just killing the Broncos left and right with her power spikes. Good game, though. I enjoyed myself.

Back to homework, now…

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