By the Way, My Name is…

Around 2am this morning, I heard the sound of a body thumping to the floor, followed shortly by the sound of a woman crying out for help. I picked up the phone and called my apartment manager downstairs, but there was no answer. Right as I was dialing for emergency assistance, the doorbell rang and I figured it was the aggressor. Imagine my surprise when I saw a teary-eyed woman asking to use the phone. The police arrived in under 4 minutes, and they took her statement and stuff. After some door pounding, we finally woke up the apartment manager and he opened up so she could get in, get her things, and then go stay with a friend. I have to say this about San Jose PD.. they’re awesome.

The funny part, if there was one, was that despite having met her once or twice in the course of her having lived here since February, I never caught her name nor did I introduce myself. So, while we woke the manager up, I turned to her and said, “By the way.. my name is…”

I’m just glad she made it out… uh oh… I hear the boyfriend upstairs rumbling around. Great…

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