<i>Unwound</i>: P760-U101

I had forgotten how fun it was to do a radio show. I remember when I did live shows, it was difficult coming up with material to talk about, or what I did talk about ended up being used up in the first twenty minutes, and then I was just playing music for the rest of my four hour block. Since this is a thirty minute show, and the script is written out and appropriately blocked to cover the time, it moves pretty smoothly. Last night’t production meeting trimmed some of our reviews to fit into the 1 to 2 minute slots that we broke the show down into. Our script went through a final rewrite and retiming, and I finally finished the editing a few moments ago. We’re going to record on Saturday night and then ftp it over to the radio station after Ray edits it on Sunday. We got a time slot! Sunday nights at 7:30pm PT. I hope you’ll all listen 🙂

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