Word Count for Monday

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
46,961 / 75,000

Finished Chapter Seven and started Chapter Eight. I can’t beleive I did over six thousand words, but I hit yet another really awesome groove in the story and just ran with it. It wasn’t without its waste, though, because I did delete a scene that ended up going nowhere after a few attempts at exploring it. Also, if you want to read what I’ve been up to, the edited chapters are in storage at my FictionPress account right here. There’s up to Chapter Six right now. Those chapters will be going bye-bye as soon as the book is finished, though, so read now while you can.

I only have four days left to finish this, and at the rate I’ve been typing, I think I can at least finish two-thirds of the book before I leave, which is a big chunk of it out of the way. The problem is, how do I focus on it when I get home? I’ll have to figure something out, I guess.

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