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10 years ago: 19 years old, I was already working for Acer America as a technical support engineer; I was just about to be promoted to the online services department.

Five years ago: 24 years old, I don’t know it yet, but my marriage is about to be over and I’m in Hawai’i with my soon-to-be ex and her family. I love it there so much I actually try to find a way to stay. Maui is amazing.

1 year ago: 28 years old, Just got done with the Best Weekend Evar 2004.

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Wheat Thins
2. Red Vines
3. Nestle Flipz
4. Kit Kats
5. baby carrots

5 artists that I know the lyrics of most of their songs:
1. Frank Sinatra
2. Tony Bennett
3. aiko
4. the brilliant green
5. puffy

5 things I’d do with $100 million:
1. Give half to .
2. Give my mother, father, grandmother, , and $200K each.
3. Pay off debt.
4. Buy a modest home in San Francisco and New York.
5. Make happy.

5 locations I’d like to run away to:
1. San Francisco.
2. Seattle.
3. Kyoto.
4. Sapporo.
5. Vancouver.

5 bad habits I have:
1. Biting my lips.
2. Starting projects and not finishing them.
3. Apparently… flirting.
4. Being a packrat.
5. Laughing inappropriately.

5 things I like doing:
1. Watching baseball.
2. Writing.
3. Playing video games.
4. Curling up with a good book.
5. Watching a movie or television.

5 things I would never wear:
1. Spandex
2. Makeup
3. Earrings
4. Anything that would require puncturing a hole on my body.
5. high heels.

5 TV shows I like:
1. The West Wing
2. Scrubs
3. Friends
4. Family Guy
5. Law & Order

5 movies I like:
1. Ocean’s Eleven
2. The Examination for Lieutenant
3. High Fidelity
4. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
5. Serenity

5 famous people I’d like to meet:
1. Aaron Sorkin
2. Joss Whedon
3. Dorothy C. Fontana
4. Herman Wouk
5. W. E. B. Griffin

5 favorite toys:
1. Laptop
2. Xbox
3. Cell Phone
4. PS2
5. Gamecube

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