Going Backward, Going Forward

So, I got called this morning by a recruiter. He had a position for a NOC person at a company in San Jose and he ran me through a technical screen and I passed (of course). Then he told me where the opportunity was… it’s at eBay. Holy crap. I don’t even know if my old manager over there would even give my resume a second look or not, but we’ll see what happens when the recruiter calls me back to see if they’ll even give me the time of day. Apparently my old boss is still the boss of the NOC, so there was no chance of getting a completely fair shake. My departure over there was marked with anger and disappointment… so this is going to be a little odd to say the very least.

Still, eBay was so much fun to work at. SO much fun. It would rock to work there again… even if it means I’ll have to move back down to San Jose to do it. At least it’s better than no job.

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