Let the Sunshine In

Today’s prompt at Holidailies is:

Sunny or snowy: Which makes for the better holiday season, and why?


I’m proud to be a California native and I’ve lived in the San Jose area all my life. Every Christmas I can recall, with the exception of one freak snowfall in the early 80s, has been sunny. Of course, we get rain and cold weather just like everyone else, but a large part of the time I can walk outdoors wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I’ve experienced snow many times, the most recent being a trip out to Philadelphia during a snowy week, and I’m just used to it being somewhat temperate as opposed to being so cold that I could make and store a Slurpee outside.

By the way, with the temperatures dropping down around the mid-30s lately, that’s not too far from possible right now. I think my fridge and the weather are having some kind of competition, and the weather’s gaining.

Sun with crisp weather is the best, though. Even though the weather has a bite to it, the sun usually makes it all better. Some days, I like overcast weather and the trees looking bare. Sometimes, the temperature drops in the middle of the night are especially nice, except when I’m indoors and having to wear a sweater and a jacket to stay warm. At work. Also, I could do without the air conditioning kicking in at 4am, but the system’s tied into the data center, so there’s nothing I can do about that. I’d prefer to find a happy medium between 60 and 70 degrees at all times. That’s a nice and comfortable range for me.

In other news, I got a haircut.

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