Pass the Word for Mister Lewrie

So, after finishing The King’s Commission, I went straight to the Barnes and Noble website and ordered me up the rest of the damned series. This would be The King’s Privateer, the Gun Ketch, The HMS Cockarel, and The King’s Commander. Oh, and I ordered The French Admiral for my buddy Robert. He is the one who got me reading Dewey Lambdin, so if you’re sick of reading of how much I love this series, blame him.

Fact is, Robert’s sort of introduced me to a whole slew of cool literary shit. First, he let me borrow the first five books of The Brotherhood of War series by W. E. B. Griffin. I read through The Lieutenants, The Captains, and The Majors. I didn’t get a chance to read The Colonels, but later I just bought that huge tri-book edition they put out in hardcover. I’d have to say that the sophomore edition of that series is my favorite, The Captains. Let’s see, then Robert got me reading Griffin’s other series, The Corps. The first two books, Semper Fi and Call to Arms were amazing. They were both page turners, and I ran out to go buy the third and fourth books. Then I did something stupid. I bought the sixth book and they were out of the fifth book, so I’m sitting at home with no fifth installment. Blah. It was then that he introduced The King’s Coat, and I was hooked right then.

Uh, anyway… let’s curb another paragraph about how cool this series is. I seem to be drawn to books about war, the men and women in uniform. I guess that’s why History is my other major and why I’m choosing to specialize in military history. No wait, not just military history, naval military history. With an emphasis on World War II navies. Oh boy. My mother said I couldn’t get more specific if I were to place another emphasis on American riveting techniques used on World War II battleships.

But, here I am, at work and I’ve already finished my book. Also, in the middle of a sixteen hour shift, because the guy before me was up all night and all day working on racking servers. Meanwhile, the alarms are going off around me and they’re all false. Nothing pisses me off more than false alarms. If we have a stupid monitoring system, it should fucking work. I can deal with a false alarm every now and again, but not every five minutes. It kind of devalues the whole system. Catch a clue, you stupid bastards, and stop wasting my time! ARGH.

Okay, I think my fatigue is setting in for the night. I have just a half hour left to my shift and I hope the guy coming on isn’t too terribly late…

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