Horatio Hornblower and Alan Lewrie

Ah, what a wonderful thing sleep can be sometimes. For the most part, I sometimes tend to think upon it as a hinderance in the middle of a really good day. When you’re involved or wish to be involved in something fun, and fatigue sets in, I always get angry at my lack of stamina. While this whole moving experience isn’t exactly what I would call fun, it’s not so much about the task as it is the people who help you complete it. I’m fortunately in my current job to have a wonderful group of co-workers, who’re just as keen in maintaining levity as I am.

I got home last night and climbed into bed, and I put one of my DVDs in the player and put it on repeat. The DVD is Horatio Hornblower: The Examination for Lieutenant (Known simply as ‘The Fire Ships’ in the US). In truth, I’ve actually had this on repeat over the past week, while I sleep. I like having the TV on while I sleep, because it just gives me a little comfort. Some nights, I just need peace and quiet, but others, I’ll leave something playing or music going. Anyway, I could let all of the Hornblower movies run all day and all night and I wouldn’t grow tired of them in the slightest. I’ve read the books up Lord Hornblower, and now, thanks to a really good friend of mine, I am now reading into the Alan Lewrie series by Dewey Lambdin.

Where Hornblower is about a rather unassuming young man growing up in a fish-out-of-water story, funding himself to be more courageous than he thought and earning the respect of those around him, Lewrie is like the antithesis. Lewrie is a rascal, a cad… but he’s got a great sense of humor. Where Hornblower would be gallant, Lewrie is more likely to turn tail and run. In this, Lewrie just has more depth and characterization. Hornblower is a predictable bore next to Lewrie… but I would still read both books a thousand times over. If you’ve got the chance to buy or read these books, I highly recommend you do so.

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