The Last Logbook Entry for May

I couldn’t think of a better subject title. Oh well.

Prior to heading out for work, I had a discussion with my grandmother about the new plan I was undertaking. She had a lot of questions about money/cost, the schools, and good deal of other topics I just don’t have the answers to, yet. We’re talking about something that’s going to happen a little over six months from now, so I’ve got time. However, I did find out that in order to apply to these schools, I will need to submit the application in October, and that if I want, a few of these schools offer dorm facilities as part of the tuition. So it might actually be possible to include the rent/apartment deal within the tuition and have that for the year.

The other possibility was to take a leave of absence from work to go do this and then come back after a quarter. However, I spoke with Human Resources, and apparently I only get thirty days of unpaid leave, not three months. Of course, this is actually thirty days plus about 120 hours of paid time off, but that’s still not enough time to do a full term. That would be two months. They did tell me that for certain situations that my boss could authorize an extended leave, but that it was only for higher level positions. I guess a NOC monkey does not get the red carpet treatment. So, I think I will stick with the plan to just quit at the end of the year. I want my degree, and in the long run, I’ll be making more money than if I stay in the NOC.

Now, I get to explain my plan to my mother, and see how that goes over.

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