The First Logbook Entry for June

Alexis, the eldest of my Aunt Yvette’s children graduated from high school this morning. It was rather unfortunate that IW asn’t able to attend the ceremony or the reception/party they held at her friend’s house. I did leave her message on her cell phone, though. I guess in the week or weeks to come, we will have to get together and have lunch or something.

I did get around to talking with my mother about my plans to move to Japan. She seemed a little shocked by the news, but began asking me a lot of questions, just like my grandmother did. And the truth is that right now, I may not have all the answers, but the plan prior to finding out about Japan were something like this: When my stock quarter-vested, sell it all, dump it into some real estate (with a house on it) and then move into the house and own it. Of course, my sister brought up the fact that if I did that, I would have to work for a very long time to pay it off. I would have no real opportunity or chance to go to school overseas if I had a mortgage to pay off. Without a heavy financial burden, then I could literally be free to do whatever I feel like doing. I really liked the sound of that. I think as soon as I can sit down and work this all out in a more detailed fashion, I’ll feel less bubbleheaded about the whole plan. I have a goal, I just need to figure out the best course of action to accomplish it.

Tonight, I did a live broadcast, and in the middle of it, I found some mp3s from the Santa Clara Vanguard. SCV was one of those huge drum corps that performed every year, and still does, at the national competition for Drum Corps International. Back in high school, when I marched with Leigh’s marching band, several of the members were SCV members, either in cadets or the “A” corps. I think our drum major my senior year was in “A” corps. They were absolutely amazing, and their sound would literally blow you away. After listening to two of their full shows from 89 and 92, I started researching the local competitions, to see if it was possible to nab some tickets to go and see the drum corps play. I’m going to grab Todd and take him to California State Open at the end of June. Pacific Procession/Weekend of Champions is the same weekend of Anime Expo, so while they stand and blast, we’ll be down in Long Beach living it up. Much as I love drum corps, I wouldn’t compromise Anime Expo for it.

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