Please Stand By: Nomad Mode is Starting Up…

I’m moving again. Of course, I didn’t honestly think I would be moving before April, but the situation here at my grandmother’s place has just gotten to the point where I think it’s either her or me, and well… she owns the house. I’m twenty-six years old and I’m living with my mom. Exactly how lame is that? Feh. Anyway, I had roommates, but the fact is that I was pretty much there at the behest of a debt owed to me, kind of stupid since that was never my intention to begin with. Besides, I really need my own place again. It’s one thing to live with the both of them and stuff, it’s quite another when the way you live your life comes under daily scrutiny. When they go on trips for the weekend, I’m returned to my teenage years when I had the house to myself. Of course, these days, I don’t throw parties. If I had my own place, I could throw my parties again. Shit, I could have visitors without her bitching at me.

Interestingly and as fate would have it, Todd’s living situation is changing, so since we’re both in a mindset of moving, we’re both in a mindset of becoming roommates. Hey, just like in the olden days! Todd was my roommate for a while back in ’95, until he moved back in with his folks to live rent-free. Life’s hard when you’re only working retail, but at least he’s trying really hard to get a better paying job. But with the unemployment rate in the Bay Area holding at 8%, it’s just going to make his finding a better job that much harder than before.

With the budget declared between the both of us, I’m looking at finding a two-bedroom place for like around a grand a month. Lo and behold, I found a whole bunch of them on I’m beginning to see the true resourceful value of that site, beyond the simple entertainment I’ve been gleaning from it these past few weeks. Hopefully by September’s end, I’ll have moved out and living in a nice apartment somewhere either in Campbell or South San Jose. If we move to South San Jose, it’ll be like coming home again. For nineteen years, I lived in the South San Jose area, went to the local schools and hung out at the local hangouts. I recently visited one of them and I just marvelled at how lame hanging out there was. But hey, when you’re limited to a bicycle, your option are equally as limited sometimes.

As soon as I option my stock, I’m going to sell off enough post-capital gains to put a first/last/security deposit and then move on in. If we can get a place for a grand a month, that’s five hundred to the both of us, and that’ll be cheaper than living at the house I was in before I moved back in with Mom. Of course, I can’t beat the rent right now, but then again, spending the extra money for peace of mind is worth every penny!

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