Papercuts. Furious Papercuts…

For those of you who’re hanging onto the whole divorce story: I had finally signed all the papers over last weekend and sent out the whole kit and kaboodle for the lawyers (well, they’re actually paralegals) to serve Steph with. I called last night from Johannes’ place to ask if she got served and the answer was in the negative, surprising the shit out of me.

Since I left work from Mountain View to go to Jo’s place in Sunnyvale, I didn’t actually go home to read my snail mail until one in the morning. Right there on top of my mail pile was an envelope from the paralegal, requesting one last signature on this one form I ‘overlooked’. Well, fuck me. Anyway, signed it and sent it off, so hopefully maybe next week she’ll get served, and then the timer finally fucking starts.

It’s kind of making me wish I went to Washoe County, Nevada to get the divorce. I hear Nevada divorces take like six weeks, not six months. Bleh.

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    • barbles on August 3, 2002 at 06:56

    im glad its finalizing! *hugS*q

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