Back in the World of the Annoying Alarms or Why Shopping for a Bed May Be Hazardous to Your Checking Account

Between furniture purchases, electronic purchases, food purchases, necessity purchases, and the rent and the deposit, I have blown through over three thousand in a little under two days. Of course, if I tried really hard, I could spend a hell of a lot more, but I need to save the rest of the money for taxes. I’ve opened up a money market account to dump it in and I’ll see what happens. I’ll probably only make like five hundred total, but it’s still an extra five hundred.

I bought a new desk, a new chair, two DVD players, a satellite receiver (which will be returned, as I bought the wrong one), a small TV for my room (since I put the 27 inch in the living room), a TV stand for my room, and a full size bed. Shopping for beds was almost an entirely new experience for me, since the last time I got a new bed, I was married, and Stephanie took care of all the little details insofar as that was concerned. Truth be told, I was really glad that she took care of all that so I wouldn’t have to, but then I deprived myself of the experience. Lost in the woods of mattress salesman (who could give used car salesmen a run for their money when it comes to tactics), I was about ready to just give in and go buy a futon mattress just to save me the trouble of having to endure the pain of ordering a normal bed. I didn’t realize that a new bed would run me in the near one thousand dollar range if I chose the priciest mattress, and that my back could just die if I chose the crappiest (cheapest) mattress. Having a mattress of a certain quality is required, as I do have back problems, and recently with all of the moving of the heaviest furniture and boxes of books and DVDs and tapes and other things, my back was beginning to kill right around Thursday night as I was assembling my desk. I went with one of the moderately priced Sealy mattresses, the “Back Saver” series, but I forget which one. I slept on it for the first time last night, and it was okay. I’ve been sleeping on this queen size bed for eight months, and the thing is older than I am, so I left kind of an impression in the mattress after a week. Every since, I’ve been sleeping in my little ‘groove’. It’s weird, sleeping on a mattress that actually supports me. It took me a little over an hour to finally get comfortable and fall asleep. Total cost? $557.

Now, I’m back in the world of PayPal’s Network Operations, with the alerts making noise all around me, three open issues already since I walked in the door. Feeling the return from last week makes those four days I spent moving seem like it was a month ago. Walking into the NOC this morning, I feel really disoriented and out of touch. The morning guy decided to take advantage of my coming in early to leave early to start his weekend early… and thus, leaving me to grope for information as calls pour through and the issues he was dealing with to my groggy and temporarily inept grasp of the situation.

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