Vaya con Cochrane

There was this game that the old crew (Todd, myself, Ken, Paul, Alfredo, Robert, and the rest of the old Acer gang) used to play every night on the technical support floor, or in the Online Services cavern called Carmageddon. This game was pretty much set up like a rally race, where you had a track and you had to make it through all the checkpoints before the other players. However, the difference between this game and others was the fact that you got extra points for mowing down pedestrians, doing insane stunts, killing other players’ cars through mass destruction moves. In short, it was the perfect form of stress relief for a bunch of guys who were subjected to the moronic percentage of Americans on a nightly basis. Of course, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly through the night, in between cases or responding to emails over technical issues. I used to love to play with this Ferrari-like green car that had blades on the points of the chassis, and Alfredo and I would run around the map like twins of destruction, just finding all the neat little toys that the game offered, like Pinball Mode. Pinball Mode turned the entire map into a giant pinball machine, and all of the players’ cars were balls. So if they jumped or hit a wall, the car would then continue to bounce all over the damn place, until it was completely totalled. Fun game.

I went through the little personal history lesson to respond to an accusation about my driving. My driving is nowhere near the level of danger portrayed in this game. Thank you.

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