Ohayou… *groan*

Judging by the timestamp of this logbook entry, I’m sure you can appreciate the fact that I went to sleep only five hours ago, and after working a twelve hour shift with no breaks or relief…. well, it’s a good thing I put together a couple of CDs for the trip. After the last spring cleaning of the car, I tossed out all my old cds that had been hanging out in the car, leaving only the commercially purchased ones for me to listen to. This means I was left with only J-Pop, since I keep all the Anime stuff in the big case tucked away in my room. All of my anime and J-pop are actually ripped into MP3s on spike’s second hard drive, anyway, so if I need to listen to anime music, I just use Winamp. Of course, lately, I’ve been just listening to Radio Free WNOHGB, which plays j-pop, anime, and gaming music, and all of that comes straight from my collection anyway, so it just pretty much allows me to listen to my stuff wherever I go. That’s a really cool side effect to having one of those stations.

I’m still in the middle of getting organized, but we’re pretty much going to be leaving for Portland in about thirty minutes. I’ll write more when I return.

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