Sleepless Sports Night, part two

But this time, I am very pleased to say, it did not happen to me. While I was at work yesterday, I called home and spoke with Todd, whom I was asking if we needed groceries. While we were talking, I had remembered that the night before, I stayed up for four hours watching Sports Night, and I also recall thinking to myself that it was a series that Todd might enjoy watching as much as I do. I pointed him to the box set atop the stack of box sets sitting behind my monitor on my desk in my room, and told him to check out the first disk and give it a shot. It’s certainly not a waste of time, and if he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t like it, but I honestly figured he would get as much enjoyment out of it as he did The American President. When I got home at about nine-thirty, he was in the middle of the fifth episode on the disk and he was just sort of shrugging at it. It was not as funny as I found it, but then again, I was indoctrinated into the series about a year ago. Abbie made me tape episodes for her in the middle of the night off of Comedy Central.

Right around the end of the first disc and into the beginning of the second disc, was when I decided that it was late and I needed to get to sleep. So I said my good night, and I headed to bed. I woke up at about 6:45 to go to the bathroom and I have to pass the living room to get to the bathroom, so I saw him laid out on the couch. I didn’t have my glasses on, so I figured he conked out and was snoring, except there was no snoring. The television was still on and Sports Night was still playing, so I thought nothing of it. I went back to sleep for the next forty-five minutes. When I got up to get up and shower and get ready for work, I had my glasses on that time and he said hello in a very conherant voice. Then he said that he hated me. Why? Because he spent all night watching Sports Night and did not even think about going to sleep. He was already on the first disc of the third set, and I was laughing my ass off. Ah… another Sports Night fan is born.

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