Dream a Dream

Maybe sometimes it’s a bad thing to have a block of Dance Dance Revolution music in the middle of the night…

All this last week, it’s been something of a major DDR fest. Every day, with the exception of Friday, I’ve been going to the local Golflands to play Dance Dance Revolution until I just couldn’t dance anymore. I’ve been a little more experimental with my dancing; trying to do spins and more freestyle additions to getting some of the steps correct while also displaying just a little more creativity than doing what’s on the screen, scrolling up from the bottom. Though, lately, I’ve been noticing that I’ve been able to do a few more songs than I normally do before I just wear myself out completely and have that whole wish to keel over and die from complete leg failure.

All I can do is keep going every day and hopefully build up my old stamina where I could play for hours without feeling it too much.

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