The Corps

As with The Brotherhood of War, W. E. B. Griffin has written a multi-novel saga set in the backdrop of World War II simply known as “The Corps,” with the members of the United States Marine Corps as the focus of the story. I thoroughly enjoyed Brotherhood, because it was a very detailed account and the character development was just brilliant. I really got to know the characters (all fifty of them) and I geniunely cared about what happened to them over the course of their careers in the United States Army. In The Corps, Griffin has done it again, endearing his readers to another set of characters and how they deal with the ravages of war in the Pacific. Unlike the Brotherhood, which covers the final year of WW2 and on into Korea and Vietnam (sort of), The Corps appears to start in early 1941 and so far (I’ve just finished the fourth book) has barely finished with 1942. By the time I was on the fourth book (The Colonels), they were already dealing with Cuba in the early 1960s. Brotherhood jumps around in time, but The Corps seems more linear.

I’m really enjoying this story and thought I would share 🙂

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