End of Week Nine

I signed up for summer courses Wednesday morning. But yesterday morning when I ditched Japanese to go to my Math professor’s office hours, she mentioned that she might be teaching an on-site Math 105 over the summer, and despite my vacation plans, she said I could take her section if I wanted to. It’d be nice to do a math section over the summer and get it out of the way then, instead of waiting until fall to take intermediate algebra. She remarked that if I continue to use the math I learned in 101, that it would be easier for me to transition to statistics in the fall than having to review for two-three weeks of beginning algebra in the fall.. and I would get my math out of the way faster. I’m considering this, but so far her name isn’t listed among the instructors for summer session so I guess I wait until she can tell me yes/or on Math 105. Again, it’d be an on-site class which means I’ll have to go in everyday for 5-8 weeks. And Foothill’s campus is like the sun in the summer. Half of me wants to do it just to get to stats in the fall and not have to worry about math anymore, and the other half of me just wants to stick to the plan I had made for myself. What do you guys think?

I got my midterm grades from my classes:

Beginning Algebra                (Math 101)      C
Beginning Japanese               (Japanese 3)    B
US History to 1877               (History 17A)   A
Comparative World Religions West (Philosophy 25) B

I can bump the C up to a B if I manage to ace the final in Math. I’m not too worried about the other classes and the hardest part of History is over. I handed in my second term paper with three minutes to spare.

Reading and Composition and Introduction to American Politics (to erase the D I got in it last time).

0424 ENGL-001A-04W LEC TBA          TBA    STARER   ONLINE 
0933 POLI-001.-02W LEC TBA          TBA    WOOLCOCK ONLINE

Intermediate Algebra, Intermediate Japanese, Beginning Japanese Conversation, and Introduction to Music Theory.

1635 MATH-105.-01  LEC 8:00AM- 8:50 MTWThF SWAGERT  5620
1511 JAPN-004.-01Q L-L 9:00AM- 9:50 MTWThF TOMITA   6502
1513 JAPN-013A-01Q L-L 8:15PM- 9:35 MW     TSUMURA  MCD5
2366 MUS -003A-02W LEC TBA          TBA    ROBERTS  ONLINE

What’s on tap for Winter? How about Elementary Statistics, more Intermediate Japanese and Intermediate Conversation part two, and General Principles of Biology (Biology 10A/10L). Spring and Summer 2004 will hold the final Intermediate Japanese (Japanese 6), with Public Speaking, Crosscultural Perspectives for a Multicultural Society (Social Sciences 20), and Introduction to Astronomy (Astronomy 10A/10L). Over the summer, I will be taking English 1B. I still need one more arts class and one more social/behavioral sciences course… I’m thinking about maybe doing a Film class, and economics for fall 2004, while also doing beginning reading/composition for Japanese to keep up my skills.

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