The Thin Silver Line

I’ve been bitching for most of this quarter over having to take Math 101 (Beginning Algebra). Today, since I never took the English for Native Speakers placement test at Foothill, I decided to do the drop-in session this afternoon to get that taken care of. I registered this morning for the summer session at school and lo and behold, it turned out that when I went in to take the placement tests way back in 1999, I only took math. I totally had forgotten I did that. Hence my walking into the assessment center for the way cooler, much faster computer-based test process. I finished it in roughly 28 minutes and 11 seconds (that was what the testing computer told me), and then five minutes of waiting yielded not only my final score, but authorization to enroll in English 1A. Yay!

I immediately went to the webcafe (where I am right now) to login to the Foothill Registration system using the wireless connection in here, and guess what? They block everything but port 80, which means no SSL connection (443) to the registration system for me! Blah. Back to the ol’ cell phone connection. I whip out my trusty data cable and hook up to the Sprint PCS network at a blazing 112kbps! I don’t need their stinking DS3… and who cares if I’m the only one using it? Anyway, as I was saying, I logged in to Foothill and went to the assessment result site to login and find out if my test results were already logged. While I was there… I checked my math result, just to laugh at the Math 101 placement, and there it is, staring back at me like I’m some sort of an idiot: You have placed in…. *cue drum roll, please*… Math 105! Holy shit. All this bitching for nothing, though I never actually went to the test site itself to check, I relied on the information from my counselor. Stupid me for being so damn trusting.

The Thin Silver Line: At least I’m getting a refresher in algebra before I get thrown to the sharks in Algebra II and Statistics.

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