Week Zero

There’s a week-to-week countdown we all do prior to major events. Sometimes we call it T-minus whatever, and other times we simply say, one day left. In my world, I call the week before a con, “week zero.” Literally, the intention is to put forth that this is the zero week, there are no more left. In a con situation, when you have a great many people trying to put together an event as large as this, sometimes people forget how close we get to the deadlines. You have to adjust your phraseology accordingly to drive certain points home. So far, “week zero” has done just that.

Tomorrow, I will be packing up some things, and then moving up to San Francisco. I will be living out of the Radisson Miyako for six days, five nights. I’ll have a nice view of Post Street, near the DOT restuarant in the largest suite they have. I’m definitely going to enjoy this. My purpose for being in the suite that long, however, is simply to facilitate meetings and other errands that need completion the three days before the start of the convention on Saturday morning. I’ll be keeping a little behind-the-scenes log with me for the most part, because I think it needs recording for posterity. Now, whether or not I publish it remains to be seen. I might just write it down and self-publish somewhere (CafePress, maybe). So much stuff has gone by that I might just have to write it all down somewhere and then do something with it.

Anyway, so I’ll be taking pictures and stuff, posting them somewhere for all to see… I’ll try to keep touch here as much as possible. If you live near San Francisco, why not drop by and check us out? 🙂

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