Taking Strides

A friend of mine, Jon Ho, has taken an interest in getting me down to a better weight than I am currently. For the purposes of information, Jon has interned as an athletic trainer for the San Francisco Giants, as well as being the athletic trainer for a few high school football teams in Japan. He’s a good guy, a person I met through my work with JTAF, and he’s been giving me advice on exercising and my diet. Through his efforts and mine, I’ve found myself losing a few pounds every week, and on top of which, I have a lot more energy than I’ve had in a long time.

This morning, at 8am, we went over to Sawyer Trail near Crystal Lake north of Palo Alto and walked two miles along the trail. The trail itself is 6 miles long, and crowded. It’s almost like a weird pedestrian traffic jam, and you could not go fifty feet without giving a nod, or saying good morning to someone. That was the other thing. Everyone there was friendly, greeting us or at least nodding to us. I really enjoyed it, amongst the conversation… though most of it was convention-related. 🙂 I think I reached my limit, though, after those two miles. Afterward, I was forced uphill getting to the car, and it was near the end of the hike that my cell phone began ringing off the hook. So there I was, my heart pounding in my chest and short of breath, trying to have four conversations. Finally, I handed my notes to Jon, had him talk to everyone on my behalf and took my time getting back to my car.

We’re supposed to go back to the trail tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it.

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