Twice in One Day

When you have friends with conflicting schedules, it’s sometimes difficult to really coordinate activities when something happens on the same day. Now, with the opening of The Matrix Revolutions, the novelty of being there opening day is kind of an in-thing with my crown (with some exceptions). Some of us save movie tickets for the sentimentality of the event. I assume that the same opening day mentality will be in place for when Return of the King is premeired, or perhaps the next Harry Potter movie.

Today, though, because of the difficulty involved in being able to have everyone get a chance to watch the movie on the same day, I ended up watching the same movie twice in twelve hours. I went right after school, and then I caught the second-to-last showing. Luckily, I got to sit before different screens, which gave me a decent idea of how nice the place was (new theater). I really like it, and I may have a new place to go to besides having to drive all the way to Milpitas to sit comfortably.

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