Happy February!

First, I want to give a big shout of happy birthday to !

Anyway, so I contact the California State Employment Development Department, hoping that they would be able to tell me what kind of unemployment benefits I’m entitled to. Turns out because I made well over the maximum amount, that I’m entitled to the maximum benefit award per week, so long as I turn in the claim form every 2 weeks. I guess they send me a two-week check, kind of like a paycheck. Although it’s not near what I was earning over at eBay, it’s more than nothing and closer to that than what I was taking in than before. This means that hopefully I’ll be able to cover rent and some other bills, but not everything… I can pay off some bills that have been stringing along, but not all of them. Maybe I’ll be able to afford my cell phone again and some other expenses key to my job search (I put my cell phone on my resume).

I’m looking forward to a better month.

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