On Yesterday

Yesterday seemed like it was going to be ominous; the mood going up to San Francisco certainly appeared that way, especially with the intention of confronting someone with a bit of news that was either going to make or break my future with a certain unnamed group. In either case, I would have been fine with leaving or staying under the right circumstances, and it was a case where someone lost their temper, said something that was rather broad, and didn’t realize how many people he was labelling. It was retracted, and we got down to business.

The cool part about the meeting was not the meeting itself, but rather the part that sort of evolved right after. After the meeting was over, we spent a good amount of time just chatting and talking about unrelated matters, and the party up and moved to the old Round Table Pizza on West Portal that we went to every week before last year’s little event. We finally got the free pizza we built up, and the people there remembered us and said we hadn’t been around in a long while… how’s that for scary? Anyway, suffice to say that I figured out that the reason everyone was so uptight and distant was because we lacked that which we had prior to last year’s con: the fun. A bunch of guys and girls getting together just to have fun and celebrate their interests by laughing their pants off. We were laughing so hard at the conversations we were having that it lasted a good five hours after the meeting ended. That’s what I missed from last year, and having encountered it again this year reminds me of why I put up with all the grief and stress to put on a con like JTAF. So, I’m back and in full swing. Ops people, beware.

A quotation from last night’s pizza dinner:

“What do you do with the pineapple? Smack her on the head with it and it makes it taste better?”

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    • sweetmegumi on February 8, 2004 at 08:35

    Oh I wished I could have joined you guys after Aikido class. That sounded like fun! And you are quite right. Take the fun out of things and it just becomes work and I will have to say all work and no fun makes for an unhappy Meg.

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