I’m just excited someone even bothered to call me back…

I haven’t said much over the course of the past couple of weeks; mostly because I’ve been neck-deep into the search for a new job. Recently, only one place seems to have garnered my attention, and that’s Wal-Mart. Now, before anyone starts thinking that I’m about to become a greeter at the front door, let me explain. Wal-Mart has a dot com online store, and that store apparently requires a network operations center. It looks like they’re in need of someone’s who’s got a lot of experience running operations, and according to their recruiter, that might be me. Tomorrow afternoon, I have to do the long drive up to Brisbane and interview with four different people. Hopefully I’m as good in person as I am over the phone. It just goes to show that after three months of hardcore job searching, only one employer has ever pursued me to this degree. I hope I get the job, and I hope I’ll be able to no longer worry about money issues for a while.

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    • mrotakki on March 15, 2004 at 13:47

    Good luck!

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