O Crappy Day…

Saturdays are pretty difficult to manage where work is concerned. Some of you are aware that I work at Walmart, some may not be. What everyone should know is that I work about 65 miles away from where I live, and a commute like that even in a car is harrowing at best. It usually takes me anywhere from 35 minutes to nearly 2 hours depending on the time of day and traffic conditions. I typically enjoy working weekends because it’s generally traffic-free. However, along the Penninsula, the opposite effect of traffic happens. During the work week, most people are inside working when I head in to work (midday/afternoon), but on Saturday, it’s like they’re all driving because they’re not at work and the highway clogs up like a drain full of hair. Even if I left an hour before work, I would be late. Which I was today, but that’s just an aggravation over what really happened.

I woke up late, because my clock lied to me. I though I had set my clock to be ten minutes fast, when I realized it was more like 2 minutes fast. So, rather than being able to hit snooze once, I should have gotten up right when it went off. Instead, I lazed around in the bed to get like a few more minutes of sleep in before I willed myself up. Before I even went to bed, though, I didn’t get off work until 1am, and that means I don’t get home until around 2am. I have to get up at 10am to be out the door by 11am to get into work at 12pm. If I don’t go right to sleep as soon as I get home, I get less than 8 hours and I get cranky. Which I am right now. I don’t like being cranky at work, because I actually like doing my job. In turn, the crappy cranky feeling snowballs and suddenly I’m just another asshole working at Walmart. I think I snapped at two people calling in, but to be honest, I’m not really caring all that much right now.

On top of which, the Giants are down 4 runs going into the bottom of the eighth. So much for Schmidt being our ace.

What a crappy day.

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