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I was writing this crappy attempt at erotica a while back, based in part on a real life experience I had right before I went to Anime Expo. I let a friend read it, and she really liked it. The problem is, now that I’ve taken a break from writing it, I’ve forgotten the emotional drive for it and now it looks utterly foreign to me. I really hate it when shit like that happens to me. Now that I have this literary agent looking at my stuff on my websites and offering to shop me around… I’m hesitant about signing anything that hands over my work to someone else. Power of attorney and nightmare stories about crappy agents. Bleh.

Here’s a brief list of what I have in progress:

1) Knight Commander
2) Knight Commissioned
3) Second Star Freight Company
4) The Everything Girl
5) Agamemnon: Part II
6) Untitled #24 (Baseball story)

The story the agent read was actually one of the stories from The Quarterdeck Breed, called “Dallas.” I get creeped out when an agent tells me he was looking at stories at *shudder*.

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    • firepuff on September 20, 2004 at 06:27

    Beware the stalkers. 🙂

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