I’ve done some pretty stupid ass shit in my life…

I’ve stayed up 96 hours at work one week tracking a technical problem between six departments relentlessly. I’ve worked three shifts back-to-back because circumstances required it, and I thought I could do it. I’ve driven home on spurts of adrenaline between Redwood City and San Jose… even San Francisco and San Jose. One year, on the drive down to AX, I drove on two hours of sleep. It sucked.

This weekend, after taking in a Giants game on Saturday on 4 hours of sleep due to having stayed up all night with Jenn at Pacifica (dawn broke on my way home Saturday morning), I pulled a 12 hour shift at work from midnight to noon and then proceeded to drive home. If it had not been for ‘s heroics, I honestly think that my recently updated will and final messages would have been employed.

Let’s face it; I’m not in my early twenties anymore and I don’t have the stamina or the endurance to pull all-nighters and come out with a second head of steam. And yet, for some reason I continue to do this to myself and the humor value has now worn off. My lack of sleep turned what should have been a great weekend into a hellish one.

Fuck this noise. I need a new job.

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