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First, this is serving as a gratuitous icon post (GIP). See new icon. I’m sure will appreciate it.

Second, I haven’t really talked about wedding stuff at all, and the fact is that I’ve just been enjoying the ride so far. I’ve been taken to see Fort Mason’s Firehouse, and we went out this morning to check out the Hornblower Cruises yachts to get an idea of what they’ll offer. I liked Fort Mason, but the fact is that I kind of loved Hornblower before I even saw the yachts… and now that I’ve seen them, I’m pretty much all for them.

The first of the three yachts we saw were the Commodore Hornblower, which was the smallest. It’s has a split-level bow that the ceremony can take place on, with seating for 50 people and not a single bad seat, since the platform is elevated and everyone would be looking up. I thought that was really cool, but the interior left me wanting to see the other two. It’s definitely an older yacht, and the design of the wheelhouse/bridge has it so it’s open to the upper dining deck. I’d rather guests not see the captain steering the ship around, and let them do their thing while we do ours.

After that, we saw the Sunset Hornblower. I think this is the one that Julia was sold on, and I liked it a lot. The only problem I had with this one was that it’s still split-level, and not everyone can see everyone at once. I’d like for everyone to be in the same room and not have to traverse decks to visit or say hi to people. The piloting area is separate from the rest of the ship, so it’s not quite so obvious to everyone.

The third one we visited was the Empress Hornblower. I really liked this one. 🙂 It’s huge, and it’ll allow everyone to sit and eat on the same deck, plus there’s a top deck that’s open to the air that we could use for the ceremony and maybe dancing if we don’t want to move tables or chairs around. It’s like a riverboat, which is also nice. If we had the money to do the whole ship up, I would so do it, but I think we may end up doing the Sunset Hornblower, instead.

The yacht would basically pick up everyone at Pier 40 in San Francisco, near the ballpark, and then do a slow cruise around the bay, circling both Alcatraz and Angel Island (awesome), then circling under the Golden Gate before returning to Pier 40… around 4.5 hours total from start to finish, including the ceremony. Hornblower is all-inclusive, so that takes a lot off of Julia’s mind as far as the planning goes. We’d still need to do the license and dress/suit/etc, but a majority of the planning is taken care of (cake, ceremony, officiant, venue, catering, etc). We’d still need a DJ (hey , feel like DJing for me? :).

In any case, I’d love to do the yacht instead of the firehouse, but I’m curious to see what other venues we’re considering. Julia’s been doing the lion’s share of the research and stuff. I remember being told (by others, not Julia) to sit back and sign off on everything, but I feel like I should be doing more. Fact is, I may have been married before but I honestly don’t know thing one about weddings. Steph and I eloped, so there was no planning or quite this much involvement. Not that eloping hasn’t been brought up as an option… 😉 But we both know that our families would be quite displeased at being cut out of the joy.

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