.. but after reading the latest drivel from Dan “Asshole” Wetzel, I’m so rooting for both the Red Sox and the Yankees to be shown the door in the first round. Why? Because there’s this land outside of the East Coast known as.. THE REST OF AMERICA. East coast bias aside, it really pisses me off when some know-nothing assclown like this actually writes something to defend the east coast bias like it’s okay. Hey, I know there’s this rivarlry between the Red Sox and the Yankees, but um.. the Giants and the Dodgers have been rivals before the Yankees even existed. Where’s the west coast bias, you effete fucktard? Just because we don’t spend $220+ million on a bunch of ballplayers doesn’t mean we don’t have a rivalry worth mentioning. Relative to 2005, even, there was some serious shit going on in the mudfight that was the NL West, but thanks to ESPN and Fox Sports National, you’d never fucking know. Most of the time, if it didn’t involve Barry Bonds, I don’t think you’d know there was a team playing in San Francisco (or care).

So here’s my battlecry for the first round. GO ANGELS and GO WHITE SOX. Wait… that fucking rally monkey annoys me. Well… I hope the White Sox kill the Yanks in the ALCS, then. I don’t want that fucking rally monkey to make it to the World Series again. That’s just a travesty.

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